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As technology grows rapidly day by day, organizations put lot of their time in collecting data, maintaining transactions & speeding up business. They rely on several applications to simplify their tasks. Building applications that can perform rigorous iterations to solve business needs is highly important. Developing this type of high end programs includes several steps, particularly understanding requirements and testing.Designing and developing website is an accessory of Empress. We have dedicated team of professionals for website building. Web design is the skill of presentation of content for the end users over internet. It is a collection of electronic files built with better interactivity. We use technologies for example such as Java/J2EE, PHP, .NET, XML/XSLT, Oracle, MySQL, HTML, Jquery/Ajax etc
Merging people and process has been over organizational limits has been a difficult over a period of time. Integration business and process was a time consuming a few decades back, but the main objective of enterprise portal is to connect people and business. This provides a unique access point to all levels of users with a common user interface. One of the notable features of this enterprise portal is content management, which always refreshes information.A web portal, also known as a links page, presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. Apart from the standard search engine feature, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, databases and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether.
Design is a visual interface between a user and a system. It is a mutual course between a client and a designer in order to convey specific information. It is often coined as visual communication or communication design. Graphic design is frequently used in electronic and print media. Ingredients in the artwork are one of the important aspects of graphic design.
Mobile applications are mostly developed for the enterprises stating the requirements for their needs, most probably the solutions provided would be of security purpose. Senior level security people are just given the mobile with application developed serving their work. One such application is implemented by empress on security purpose where as encoding and decoding the QRImage. It is similar to a barcode operation, but for a difference its implemented through this kind of code format named QRImage. It has own decoding technique and its unique from each and every image formed by it and also from other decoding and encoding formats. Empress Systems develops you the useful application for your mobile analyzing the resource or projects being undertaken by you that is it helps you in assisting or controlling over your half of the work being done, like updating next visit through GPS maps available, storing the visual location of your visits with a point on your map, assisting in simply adding a note etc.Providing Smart menu application for the mobile device, which decodes the encrypted message inside the QRImage. The QRImage are the most widely found bar codes used in the industry for the security pupose and also for hiding the information for a particular product. The different method of representing an information by encoding the description of the product and as same by decoding the message while reading it.

Integration makes it possible for applications, databases, and on-demand systems to seamlessly share information - automating your business processes, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and boosting productivity. Our software allows companies of all sizes to solve the challenges of application integration, data integration and business process integration.

Open source applications are a better way to provide solutions within short period of time, however open source solutions might not be well suited to each and every business needs. The team at Empress Systems Technology Services helps in open source customization of different products to suit your needs by creating/designing templates, adding custom modules or changing the core functionality in the product.

We help you by identifying, customizing and integrating the right open source flexible with your business environment or by developing tool for your requirement, considering the number of options that are available in the open source world.

Our strength lies in extending Open Source Customization services on various products to suit our client's requirement. Below is a list of few tools which we have implemented or customized.

Internet marketing allows even the smallest of companies to compete in a global market place. Online marketing is often related to public relations, customer service, sales, and information management. Some of these underlying are the services we offer in online marketing to the best, since online marketing cannot be researched because the result of the services or delivery being done online will be reflected within a span of time.

SEO is a very successful service that would make any information to get published online elaborately at the place, where the people are from different lands. Where in by delivering this type service makes the client website with richness in content management, page visits, Search Engine Ranking, Active website on the servers. Through this type of website promotion the users whom used to the website is frequently updated with the client’s updating of content in the website.

Online Marketing leads to web development, e-commerce, search engine optimization, search engine optimization press releases, online marketing campaigns, lead generation, online traffic conversion, affiliate program creation and management, outbound and relationship email campaign creation and management to achieve your business and visibility objectives online.

Data conversion

The global business and their solutions generally needs a data conversion process which plays a part in every projects and solutions being created, so such a type of conversion of data work is outsourced by us with clean and better research work done on it. Some of the projects that we undertook on building data conversion tools are WebCrawler’s, Image processing and content extraction with open source database online. Say the old books or documents that have been converted to PDF’s without proper content or text extraction technique can be helped out with the tools we develop to process the docs and publish with the newly created document using the Data conversion tool.

Data conversion is needed due to the enhancement or development in the database supporting the software process, which is a decent process happening inside the organization with perfect care of other organization details. the conversion is made in such way that, no issues is placed on data traffic or data error inside the newly build database while the application is running. A few servers or opted according to the content of the database and its solidity in holding it in disk and transfers made upon.

Data migration

Data migration is the method of data transfer between storage types. This is Often performed programmatically to achieve automation and by saving time, using less man power. For an effective data migration to be possible, data from a system should be routed to another system by developing a proper design for extraction and loading of data. This procedure may involve many phases. So outsourcing data migration to organization will save time, money and the resources involved. Open source integration is a process of integrating information.The aim of open source software is to share information. Data Entry and conversion is a tedious job for a company which is not particularly into it. We at Empress have dedicated professionals to do the best. E-Publishing is the future and we are so dedicated in this area.

Data Entry

The organization supposed to very quite enough in maintaining the information hierarchy table of particular segment. For the data entry process we have certain limited skilled professional very tedious in fast accessing thru channels and working out with speeds with integrated software avoiding manual work.

Data Binding

Data binding is once more higher level process of development and tested across all conditions, where in the application that is need of the data binding is tested for the feasibility after the development and the presentation is also provided well for such bindings. It is one of the tedious process that we are involved in, which is mostly developed by professional architects in the organization.